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Professional wastewater treatment for industry

Professional treatment of industry wastewater is essential to ensure te safety of our water cycles and thus sustainably preserve the overall water quality.

CSC JÄKLECHEMIE can offer the following to help you reliably comply with regulatory requirements:

  • A long-standing and experienced team of experts with industry-specific know-how
  • Laboratory and plant tests tailored to your type of wastewater
  • Individual recommendations for products and methods
  • A comprehensive product portfolio from market-leading manufacturers

From our close cooperation with customers and suppliers, we know that environmentally friendly solutions exist for almost every type of wastewater.

Rely on our expertise to perform a situation analysis on-site at your premises to see what we can do to help you? This would include:

  • Precipitation and heavy metal precipitation
  • Flocculation
  • Defoaming agents

What are the challenges in your wastewater? Find out together with our analysts.