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Needs-based support for municipal sewage treatment plants

With the expansion of sewer systems and wastewater disposal, the challenges for municipal sewage treatment plants have risen noticeably.

CSC JÄKLECHEMIE will support you with technical know-how and long-standing experience to make sure that you can reliably comply with limit values and ensure stable operation:

Tailor-made concepts for phosphate precipitation

  • Choice of the best-suited precipitating agent from our large product range
  • Determination of the quantity and admixing location for ideal dosing
  • Competent advice on dosing pumps and tank systems

Targeted control of filamentous bacteria

  • Early tackling of root causes via precipitating agents in cases of sludge flotation, bulking sludge, floating scum or an increased sludge index
  • Specific problem solutions for a wide range of disruptive organisms
  • Technical advice and optimisation based on your operational data
  • Avoidance of expensive impact inoculations

Polymer solutions for sludge dewatering and sludge thickening

  • Suitable solutions for screw presses, disc thickeners, centrifuges, chamber filter presses or sieve belt presses
  • Attainment of an optimum TS value
  • Reduced consumption and workload

Of course, it goes without saying that our first step will be to take a detailed look at the situation in your sewage treatment plant. Please click here to contact us.