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Cooling brine and heat carriers for optimally maintained systems

The type of coolant or heat carrier that is used in a system plays a decisive role in terms of its lifespan and trouble-free operation. This is why CSC JÄKLECHEMIE individually tailors solutions to meet your exact requirements during the planning of new systems or when maintaining existing systems.

In the process, we contribute know-how and experience in a wide range of different industries:

Climate technology (e.g. solar systems, heat pumps, heating systems, district heating)

  • Tried and tested, eco-friendly products from leading manufacturers
  • Inhibitor concepts against silting and corrosion
  • Avoidance of material incompatibility, leakages and premature ageing
  • Protection against frost damage, corrosion and damage due to overheating on solar collectors

Food production (plus applications in a quality suitable for food)

  • Innovative, non-toxic products in certified food quality
  • Protection of all materials normally used in plant engineering against silting and corrosion
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures (from -40° to +120°)

Do you need help planning a new system or solving a problem in your existing system? Please click here to contact us.