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Stainless steel processing for surfaces with optimal properties

In order to provide a lasting improvement to the surface quality of your stainless steel products, CSC JÄKLECHEMIE offers comprehensive application engineering advice and support. In addition, we will also provide you with all the necessary chemical products – from stainless steel cleaners, pickling agents and electrolytes to completely bespoke special mixtures.

Take advantage of our know-how in relation to all aspects of the best-practice methods.

Fine polishing with electrolytes

  • Electrochemical method using DC current and liquid polishing electrolytes
  • Normal material removal of 10-40 µm, depending on and controllable via current and time
  • Can be performed even in simple equipment
  • Improved corrosion resistance, cleaning and sterilisation behaviour
  • Production of chemical passivity and metallic purity
  • Pronounced reduction of tendency to form coatings and microbial growth

Advantages of pickling

  • Elimination of annealing colours and rust film
  • Descaling of stainless steel weld seams
  • Restoration of the passivity of the stainless steel surface
  • High-gloss appearance and purity of the surface

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