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Efficient methods and equipment for pre-treatment

If companies prepare surfaces in a dedicated work step, they do this in the aim of achieving long-term resistance and durability, along with effective anti-corrosion protection. To ensure that your products fulfil these promises, the application specialists of CSC JÄKLECHEMIE will advise you on the most effective resources and methods.

Whether for production planning or during ongoing operation – we will be happy to draw up a pre-treatment concept that is optimised for your materials and processes.Tried-and-tested methods prior to coating and painting, for example before powder coating, cataphoretic dip priming, wet coating or painting of metals:

  • Chemical conversion in order to furnish the surface with an intermediate layer that improves its adhesive properties
  • Mechanical, galvanic or electrochemical surface treatment
  • Iron or zinc phosphating for improved paint adhesion and improved anti-corrosion protection

Are you already familiar with our innovative low-temperature processes? These processes are particularly eco-friendly and reduce process costs – while improving adhesion quality and offering many other advantages at the same time:

  • Nanoceramic pre-treatment
  • Zircon phosphatisation

Make an appointment for a process analysis on-site at your premises.