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To ensure that metal processing is efficient and trouble-free

CSC JÄKLECHEMIE offers tried-and-tested and innovative surface technology products for a wide range of different processes in metal processing:

  • Oils, lubricants and special types of grease
  • Lubricants for food-related applications
  • Water-miscible emulsions
  • Cooling lubricants for machining operations (e.g. turning, drilling, milling, deep-hole boring, grinding or thread tapping)
  • Bactericide-free cooling lubricants for permanent bacterial stability and reduced health risks

We understand the requirements of the industry from our many years of experience. This is why we always ensure that our high-quality branded products always offer the following properties:

  • Optimum support for machine and tool output
  • Consistent quality of manufactured parts
  • Frugal consumption for low operating costs
  • Good skin compatibility

Would you like some advice on which products will best suit your processes? Please contact us directly.