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Versatile varnishes for the treatment of wood

Wooden surfaces can be incredibly diverse – and this is matched by the ability of CSC JÄKLECHEMIE to supply tailor-made coating solutions. After all, wood is a universal material: all around us, we are surrounded by wood both outside as a construction material or inside, for example, in the form of high-quality parquet flooring and the many different wooden materials that are used to make furniture.

In terms of its visual appearance, we want wood to be presented with a striking finish, but at the same time it also requires functional protection. We meet both of these demands with high-quality raw ingredients and clever solutions: whether matt or glossy, with a natural touch or a perfect accentuation of the natural grain, whether with a white coating or in a trendy colour.

Recommended current products:
Bayhydrol®, Bayhydur®, Desmophen®, Desmodur®, Siliporite®, Addocat®, Domacryl, Domopol, Domalkyd®, Ferroxon®, AEROSIL®, ACEMATT®, AERODISP®, SPHERILEX®, ZEOLEX®, ZEOTHIX®

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