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Raw materials for clever adhesive systems

Modern adhesive technology is taking over more and more areas of application. Things that until recently were still welded, soldered, riveted, clamped or clipped are now joined with specialist adhesives. Whereas yesterday’s applications required large quantities of solvents, nowadays aqueous adhesive systems impress with their performance and price.

CSC JÄKLECHEMIE can provide you with the required raw materials that will enable e.g. evolutionary composite solutions with fatigue-free matrices. Together with our partners Covestro and Lanxess, we offer polychloroprene and polyurethane raw materials for top quality adhesives.

Recommended current products:
Dispercoll U®, Dispercoll C®, Baycoll®, Desmocoll®, Desmomelt®, Desmophen®, Desmodur®, Baypren®, Pergut®, AEROSIL®, ACEMATT®, SIPERNAT®, ZEOTHIX®

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