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Thank you for the recognition!

One of the overriding objectives of CSC JÄHLECHEMIE is to make continuous progress in our attempts to improve existing quality standards. When we receive recognition from official bodies for these efforts, it re-motivates us time and time again and strengthens our resolve to continue our path. Here are a number of examples that document our leading position as a company in the chemicals trade:

Bayerischer Qualitätspreis 2013 (Bavarian Quality Prize 2013)

For the second time already, the independent expert committees of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology recognised our services in the fields of quality and quality management as exceptional.

Winner of the ESIG Product Stewardship Award 2009

This competition of the European Solvents Industry Group focuses on innovative new solutions and continuous improvements in the handling of solvents. The aim is to reduce emissions on a voluntary basis, thereby protecting people and the environment. Our award-winning application concept “Solvents in the 21st century – new approaches to product safety and environmental safety create a new type of customer focus” perfectly captures the notion of creating best practices for other users and processors.

Bayerischer Qualitätspreis 1999 (Bavarian Quality Prize 1999)

To receive an award in the category “Wholesale and Export Trade” as the first chemicals company ever and as only the second recipient is really something special. The official acknowledgement of exceptional services in the fields of quality and quality management was preceded by extensive expert audits under the guidance of the Technical University of Munich.

1999Environmental Award from the City of Nuremberg

Commitment to the environment and investments in its protection that go above and beyond the requirements set out by law are criteria that come into play in this environmental award in the Franconian metropolis. To be recognised and appreciated in our home city as a pioneer of sustainability and as a regional trailblazer – of course this is something that gives us particular pleasure!

Our contribution to quality & environment