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Customer information on Ultra products

Our principal, Covestro Deutschland AG, introduces new Ultra products.

The new Ultra products from Covestro Deutschland AG are listed below:

  • Bayhydur ultra 2858 (available from 01.11.21)
  • Desmodur ultra E 30500 (former Desmodur XP2617; available from 01.11.21)
  • Desmodur ultra N 3900 (available from 01.01.22)
  • Bayhydur ultra 2655 (available from 01.01.22)

These products are important for coating applications and provide the opportunity to convert many formulations into real ultra formulations. The extension of the Ultra Line supports customers to surpass challenges associated with the use restriction of diisocyanates. Furthermore ultra line products improve industrial workplace hygiene. As before, specification of the Ultra products did not change from previous version with exception of residual monomer content. Residual monomer content has been narrowed to improve quality in terms of application-related occupational safety.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below you will find an information sheet from Covestro.