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Coronavirus - Prevention at CSC JÄKLECHEMIE

The spread of coronavirus is also posing the economy concrete challenges. Given that the extent of the pandemic and its effects cannot currently be estimated, the order of the day is to take precautions and prepare for any eventualities.

That is exactly what we at the CG Group are doing, with the aim of protecting our employees as much as we can and reliably maintaining the efficiency of our company.

How do we go about this? We have drawn up a pandemic plan, which we are constantly adapting to daily developments. This plan contains codes of conduct covering meetings, trade show visits and business trips amongst other things.

By establishing these rules, we are strictly following the recommendations of the Bavarian State Health Office and of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin and adapting them to our company-specific requirements.

Furthermore, we are in close contact with our suppliers to keep an eye on the current supply situation.

We are therefore doing everything in our power to respond to the challenge that the coronavirus presents in a preventative and strategic manner, in order to provide our customers with the smooth business processes that you are used to from us as best we can, even under difficult conditions.

Should you have any further questions on our handling of the coronavirus situation, please speak to your customer consultant or write to us at:


You can find general, up-to-date information on the coronavirus on the following websites:


Robert Koch Institut

  • Further Information


World Health Organisation

  • WHO - Coronavirus desease

  • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public