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XMas Donation 2018

A present for children

Everyday, Save the Children works hard to reach every last child, even in the most diffi cult and dangerous parts of the world. They protect children who are in danger, exploited or neglected. They tackle poverty, which negatively affects the chances and oppurtunities of childrens lives. They save girls and boys through their work in health and nutrition and hence also malnourished children to survive. Save the Children fi ghts to make children’s rights a reality around the world and provides education to children who other- wise would miss out on schooling. They build better futures for all our children, regardless of their back- ground. That’s why we have decided to donate to Save the Children instead of gifts this year.

Fighting hunger and malnutrition

Every year, 5,9 million children die before the age of fi ve. Nearly half of them die of malnutrition and its consequences. Malnutrition weakens children and their immune system, hence they are most likely to suffer from diseases such as pneumonia or diarrhoea. Malnutrition is a widespread problem. Save the Children indentifi es malnourished children and provides them with high nutritious peanut paste and medical care in their stabilisation centres. Furthermore, in nutrition centres they teach parents how to prepare nutritious food with little money and the available resources.