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Expert Statement: Robert Späth, Managing Partner, CSC JÄKLECHEMIE

Prospects for the Chemical Distribution Industry - CHEManager asked executives and industry experts to share their views on the prospects for the chemical distribution sector.

Christmas donation 2021

Our Christmas donation this year is under the theme: Supporting and promoting children.

use restriction of diisocyanates - get your training

From 24.08.2023, a mandatory training requirement will apply in the EU when using diisocyanates.

Customer information on Ultra products

Our principal, Covestro Deutschland AG, introduces new Ultra products.

LEONICE® latest generation pigment pastes and tinting systems

LEONICE® is our new strong partner for pigment paste systems, tinting software solutions and technical service.

Customer Information on the Coronavirus

Information on possible delivery delays, bottlenecks or cancellations and price increases due to the pandemic

B2Run Nürnberg 2019 (only in german)

Auch dieses Jahr ging unser Team trotz hoher Temperaturen an den Start beim B2Run Nürnberg! Neben 18 500 Teilnehmern von rund 670 Unternehmen kämpften Sie bis zum finalen Zieleinlauf im Max-Morlock-Stadion!


Aufgrund der gestiegenen Nachfrage nach Natronlauge auf dem Markt und der Anforderungen an die Lebensmittelsicherheit in der Industrie, bieten wir ein Produkt an, das als Hilfs- und Lebensmittelzusatzstoff geeignet ist.

XMas Donation 2018

A present for children

Everyday, Save the Children works hard to reach every last child, even in the most diffi cult and dangerous parts of the world. They protect children who are in danger, exploited or neglected. They tackle poverty, which negatively affects the chances and oppurtunities of childrens lives. They save girls and boys through their work in health and nutrition and hence also malnourished children to survive. Save the Children fi ghts to make children’s rights a reality around the world and provides education to children who other- wise would miss out on schooling. They build better futures for all our children, regardless of their back- ground. That’s why we have decided to donate to Save the Children instead of gifts this year.

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